by Affleck

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Alex Tugot
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Alex Tugot I absolutely love Affleck's self-titled EP. It's one of those records you didn't realize that you needed until you get it. Favorite track: Cat King Lightning.
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released July 29, 2013



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Affleck Belfast, UK

Belfast based, 3 piece electronic band with live instruments.

Aidan Kelly - Synths, violin and vocals
Clark Phillips - Bass, guitar, vocals and synth
James Pollock - Drums, samples and other noises
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Track Name: Anor Londo
Why can't you see, what you have done to me
Put up our perimeter, hollow out our cave

Let's go to sleep, I want to wake up here
When I die, retrace my steps, retrieve what was lost

Diamonds in the deep
Silent monsters creep
Track Name: Cat King Lightning
High born, scars and one eye
Ancient tongue cold as ice

Paralyse, on this mountain side
Sacrifice, I'm devoid of pride

Don't beg it belittles you
I am a force beyond your control
Your pretty pleases are but petty pleas
it's not going to change a thing

Track Name: Lutece
Lives, lived, will live
Dies, died, will die
Just because this city flies doesn't mean it aint got it's share of fools
Bring us the girl, wipe away the debt

The mind of the subject will desperately struggle
to create memories where none exist

All this has happened before and all all this will happen again

The seed of the prophet shall sit on throne
Yes he's strong at the sword but his weakness is in the key
Armed with a murder of crows
A life with vigour is a life that's bigger

God is merciful, I am but a prophet so I son't have to be
It always ends in blood

There's always a city, there's always a lighthouse, there's always a man
Track Name: Synths of Our Fathers
Somewhere in this crypt, I will find secrets
Decrypting ciphers and hieroglyphics
Survival of the fittest

I can't find, I can't find a way out
Light the torch, Pull the string, Shoot the spotlights

Salvage what I can, from the wreckage
Picking up the pieces, fashioning defences
(I'm not that kind)

I can't find, I can't find a way out
Light the torch, pull the string, shoot the spotlights
(You can do this)
Track Name: Lars All Alone
A man stands alone,
He can't believe what he has done
Asphyxiating, I guess he'll have to try again

A boy sits alone,
meaningless achievements fill up the screen,
what could he have done differently?
I guess he'll have to try again

A man kicks in the door,
throwing whatever he can find at whatever he can see,
I can't believe the dogs got him
I guess he'll have to try again

A boy still sits alone
Sore eyed and calloused thumbs
His lights stay off, his phone is silent
I guess he'll have to try again